New Paradigm

The digital economy re-defines assets

It’s the economic paradigm of the future.

Fungible & non-fungible





Through tokenization on the blockchain, we are able to capitalize on assets that in the past were previously untradeable.

These include both tangible and intangible assets (such as real estate, skill, time, game items) that were hard to capitalize.

A new economy created through the combination of blockchain technology and the internet.

You can convert anything into tokens, and trade it through the internet with anyone in the world.

EdenChain is at the center of the new digital economy

Through the new digital economy, it is relatively easy to create new digital assets. This in turn manifests itself into new markets, opportunity and potential wealth. EdenChain is well positioned to empower the new digital economy through tokenization. The EdenChain platform features an onboard exchange which allows all tokenized values to be traded and for users to capitalize on the value of their assets on the platform. These capabilities are made possible by the native Eden Coin (EDN) which incentivizes good user behavior and ensures security of the platform.